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Subjects Taught
Ag Mech 1, Ag Mech 2, Ag Mech 3, Ag Science 1, Ag Science 2, Exploratory Ag, Natural Resources

  • B.S. in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona
  • M.A. in Secondary Education from University of Phoenix


Taught at:

Pahrump High School- Biology

Carson Valley Middle School- Life Science

Co-Adviser for FFA at Douglas High School

3 years teaching agriculture at Round Mountain High School


There are no accidents in life. I truly believe that every event in my life lead me to this calling.  Some may see it as mediocre.  After all, who would knowingly go into debt after getting a Master's Degree all just to work for what adds up to be just a few dollars per hour?  If you are a fellow teacher, you know what I mean.   There is no glory in this career. I will never get an Emmy or have a front page spread on People magazine. I will never get a promotion or have a star on the streets of Los Angeles. What I do get is far greater that any of these things.  I get to lead by example and teach young men and woman how to do the same.  I get to advocate for the things that I know to be important in our society-agriculture and our youth. I get to teach skills that I know my students will use at some point in their life.  I get to watch as my students grow and flourish right before my eyes. I get to share in their glory when they succeed and learn from mistakes when they are made. I get to be a teacher, a mom, a friend, an aunt, a counselor, a chauffeur, a coach, and an entertainer. I get to be an ag teacher!!!!

When I was young, It never crossed my mind that someday I would be a teacher.  I wanted to be a veterinarian and train dolphins at Sea World.  I certainly never saw myself living in rural Nevada. After all, I grew up in Santa Ana, California and came from a family of surfers. When I wasn't at the beach, I thought about it. I never thought about where my food came from and certainly never had the opportunity to raise anything larger than a cat. If you would have asked me what FFA was, I would have thought that you were speaking a foreign language.  My journey started when I got accepted into Cal Poly Pomona into the Pre-Vet program.  I had every intention of being a small animal vet and was already working as a technician at a hospital. It wasn't until I started at Cal Poly that I discovered my love for large animals and agriculture through a series of classes and jobs working at the school farms.  Yes, this city girl had gone country!  Needless to say, reality set in and I settled for a diploma in Animal Industries and Business Management. Fast forward six years....

I was living in Texas and had been blessed with a newborn son and was trying my best to support him as a single mother-cleaning stalls, giving riding lessons, and working at a daycare. One day, someone questioned why I wasn't a teacher.  To tell you the truth, I never had thought about it. In a matter of days, I had gotten accepted into a teaching program after getting a grant to pay for the first class.  I ended up moving back to Nevada to work full-time as a special education aid and continued my Master's program.

Today, I teach at Round Mountain High School where I am in my sixth year as an ag teacher and seventh year as a teacher. I currently teach ag science 1 and 2, vet med, natural resources, and ag mechanics 1-3.  I am blessed every single day with a career that I absolutely love.  I wouldn't want to be anything else because frankly, most days, I don't even feel like it's work.  I am thankful for all of those life events that have led me to exactly where I am supposed to be.

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