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Girl's Golf

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RM Girls' Golf

Round Mountain Girls' Golf achieved the unbelievable feat of placing 1st in Wells as a team on September 16th and 2nd in Battle Mountain as a team on September 9th. The team has individual ranks ranging from 1-6. Rank 1 consists of Phimphisut Kringkarthok (Ning); Rank 2, Tayler Sander; Rank 3, Katie Damon; Rank 4, Janel Lacey; Rank 5, Kanani Edayan; and Rank 6, Elizabeth Miller. In Well (Ning) placed 2nd, Tayler Sander placed 7th, and Katie Damon placed 8th. The girls took the league title by placing 1st in our league and third as a team in Carson City at State on October 21. Congratulations Lady Knights' Golf!

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