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  Mission Statement  

The administration, teachers, and support staff of the Round Mountain Jr/Sr High utilize the following principles listed below as their fundamental philosophy in their efforts to accomplish the goals and objectives of the ny County School District and the Round Mountain Jr/Sr High School:

  1. When we consider all the clients that we serve, we consider the students as the primary population for our service;
  2. We believe in a partnership between parent and school. We strive to develop a cooperative relationship between parent and school developing a shared responsibility in the development of students;
  3. We believe in high but attainable standards. We challenge the potential of all our students;
  4. We are a student-oriented school first and a content-oriented school second. We strive to meet the individual needs of all our students through challenge and remediation;
  5. Our educational program encompasses preparation for life, vocation, and higher education;
  6. We promote the co-curricular activities that enhance teamwork, positive decision making and character development;
  7. We strive to develop a caring nurturing environment that is structured and disciplined. We strive to be fair and consistent in our relationship with students.

  About The School  

School Performance Plan 2018-2019

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